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Co-working offices and spaces are not only a cheaper alternative to stand-alone offices, they have become indicative of a connected, collaborative and efficient workforce developing a new type of working culture. And that is no coincidence. The “shared economy”, based on sharing costs with more than one person or group, affects all aspects of our lives — travelling, shopping, living and now also working.

The co-working trend is largely supported by the growth in the number of independent workers, whether they be start-up entrepreneurs, freelancers or independent contractors. Global trends all around the world show that independent workers are the labour group with the highest growth rate and, in the US it is estimated that more than 40 percent of the workforce will be freelancers, contractors and temp workers by 2020 — only three years away. While new trends usually take some time to reach our shores, and a little longer to reach the North Coast, it’s becoming clear that this innovative trend has already arrived in Ballito, where we are seeing a range of shared and co-working spaces opening.  

The revolutionary shift taking place in the way that we work is based on peoples’ natural tendency to connect and discuss ideas, which, until now has been problematic because of the hierarchical structure of offline communication and the lack of tools for collaboration. Sharing information and collaborating have, however, become part of our everyday lives since the emergence and mass adoption of social media networks and Generation Y and the young professionals of the future live and breathe community, openness, and collaboration.

Co-working spaces are tapping into these needs as co-workers become part of a community, share ideas, network and work together. Apart from the shared physical space, the best co-working spaces offer a culture of collaboration for their members by providing a workspace that acts as a catalyst for people to connect. Amongst the spaces like this that are available locally, none does this better than Me&Co Workspace, which is located in the heart of Ballito’s business park. The Me&Co brand offers a truly unique co-working and shared office solution for businesses looking for a blend of professional services in a collaborative and networked space.

As we see local offerings evolve, they should offer three main features — different rental offices and desk spaces in a shared space, flexible terms which allow renters to move in and out and upgrade or downgrade with short notice periods, and community-building programmes and events aimed at creating a strong business network among members. A bonus would be the option of multiple locations where members can access different sites under a single membership. The latter sets real co-work space businesses apart from the more commonplace and basic sub-divided offices.

If you are looking for a co-working space, give us a call at ComProp and we will help you find a solution that meets your needs.

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